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XP Auto parts Warranty

We value you providing XP Auto Parts an opportunity to satisfy your auto part needs. It gives us great pleasure to declare that the entire “Engine/transmission assembly” is covered by our excellent warranty. For your convenience and to safeguard the engine during shipment, some additional accessories may come with your engine. Though being free of charge, certain free accessories are not covered by your limited warranty and may need to be replaced during the pre-installation process in order to achieve the best efficiency for an extended duration.

The standard parts warranty covers the complete engine assembly that is comprised of items specified in the section below:

Accessories Parts

Accessories such as intake and exhaust manifolds, timing and valve covers, oil pan, external belt driven water pumps, oil/fuel injection pumps, flywheel, wire harness, turbo(unless warrantied otherwise), injectors, timing belt(s) or tensioner bolt(s), ignition coils, sparkplug(s), mounts or Brackets, seals and gaskets, hoses, switches/sensors, and other electrical components may look similar, but may not always be correct for your specific application.

You must always be sure and use the correct parts for your vehicle, which generally requires transferring them from your old engine to the new one before installation.

Pre- Installation Process

It is generally advisable to have your engine equipped at a trustworthy mechanic shop that is certified. The significance of pre-installation inspections on a used engine or used transmission has been recognised by all seasoned mechanic. Our team of ASE certified technicians put together the steps we may use to achieve optimum performance and cut the likelihood of failure to zero based on their years of expertise.

These checks validate the warranty, the installer must cover all parameter as listed to ensure safety.

  • Please check the package for physical damage while it is being delivered, and make sure to note it on the delivery receipt. Please get in touch with us right away. Don’t utilize products or decline the shipment before getting in touch with us.
  • Please have your mechanic fully turn the crankshaft over before installation in the appropriate direction.
  • Reset and replace all computer diagnostics codes from the vehicle prior to installation. Program the computer as required.
  • Exchange attached accessory parts from previous engine to the new one to ensure proper fit (mounts, manifolds, sensors etc).
  • Inspect and replace the required gaskets and seals (front seal, rear main seal, valve cover/oil pan gaskets). An engine that blows a head gasket or is overheated will automatically void the warranty.
  • Ensure cooling system is flushed and functioning properly.
  • Oil filter replacement and engine oil change are both necessary. Before starting up, every 3000 miles, or as the manufacturer specifies, oil and filters must be changed. However, there is a limit of 5000 miles, and receipts must be saved as proof of maintenance. * Do add fresh anti-freeze or coolant. Please reseal the lower oil pan.

Parts to Replace before Pre-installation.

Here is the list of Accessories you want to inspect and replace if required during the pre-installation process :- 

We will share a pre-installation guide, you can share it with your mechanic to ensure 100% safety and get the best results. Download the softcopy “HERE”.

Warranty Policy:

Our Warranty Policy

We take pride in offering used vehicle parts of outstanding quality and performance (up to 30-35 years old) that have been pre-tested, and certified, and are therefore covered by our exceptional warranty.

The warranty period begins when a part is purchased, not upon installation. Engines are guaranteed not to knock, smoke excessively, or use excessive oil (check manufacturer’s specification for allowed oil consumption), have low compression, misfire or any functioning issue related to the engine itself and not any auxiliary parts. We guarantee the functionality and durability of our components, but not their aesthetic quality because some wear and outside rust are obvious on used vehicle parts. For your assurance, we provide you with pictures of the products ahead of shipping.

If you receive a product that is broken, doesn’t fit, or has other problems, please call us right away at +1 -888 -575 -3581 and we’ll take care of it for free. Make sure to ask the shipper to record the condition of the goods. Never refuse a shipment unless XP Auto Parts has authorized it so that we can receive our goods back. Order cancellation policies apply when a shipment is refused without authorization.

We will provide a free Replacement or Return as per the warranty. For all authorized returns and replacements, we will deliver the replacement and collect the previous engine at the company’s expense. Unless a labor warranty is purchased at the time of sale, labor costs for removing and replacing the part or moving accessory parts from the original part to the replacement part are not covered by the “Standard parts warranty”. Part replacement and labor warranty payments are one-time only. At the time a part is replaced, an additional labour warranty can be purchased.

XP Auto Parts invest all of the resources and funds necessary to complete an order and deliver it to you. In addition to the freight cost, there are labor costs, pallet costs, and costs associated with packing and securing the freight for transportation. Purchase cancellations made after 24 hours of payment are subject to a 20% restocking fee and, if the order has already been dispatched then two-way shipping costs as well.

XP Auto Parts will cover all shipping costs in full for returns covered by the warranty. Customers should give us at least one opportunity to assist them with an engine or transmission issue. An order will be deemed cancelled and subject to a 20% restocking fee if the customer requests a full refund or declines a replacement that has been authorised by the company.

If a freighted item needs to be returned, kindly provide a few images showing the unit prepared and banded to a skid. The customer shall be liable for the postponed stop, dry run, etc. if the shipment carrier arrives but the freight is not ready, resulting in a ‘Dry Run’ or delays. As a result, the reimbursement will be reduced by the Freight carrier’s “Dry Run” fee.

Between various brands and models, OEM and JDM parts can be switched out. It might need a few tweaks to fit the accessory parts. At XP Auto Parts, we use a VIN compatibility tool to make sure the used engine or transmission we have available is correct compatible with your vehicle type. Should there be any trouble with installation, we can always help and If a customer receives an engine that is incompatible, it still follows our standard return and replacement policy.

If the component malfunctions, do not uninstall it because doing so will prevent us from performing troubleshooting and void the warranty. In order to maintain warranty protection, XP Auto Parts must be contacted prior to any maintenance is done, including part uninstallation.

Depending on the year of the vehicle, it is recommended that the freshly delivered item be installed within 30-45 days of delivery. Issues like damage, fit problems, etc., won’t be taken into consideration beyond 30-45 days. After a replacement delivery, a customer has 30 days to report any problems with the replaced engine or transmission. After 30 days from the time the replacement was received, we would not be able to file a claim for any issues.

Moreover, once any issue is noticed, we request you to contact us immediately or within 30 days so that we can get your issue rectified ASAP. Not tending to a faulty part would dull its interior and then we cannot revive it. Eventually, it will restrict our capacity to accept the warranty claim.

Still have more questions on your mind! Feel free to call us at +1 888 575 3581.

All deposits linked with a hold order or a special order will be non-refundable.

  • Failure to complete pre-installation checks.
  • Merchandise was installed or still not installed after 30-45 days of delivery.
  • Failure due to overheating or lack of lubrication.
  • All warranty claims must have original installation repair orders. Proof of maintenance must be provided. Diagnostics and repair estimates are required for claim approval.
  • Warranty/heat tabs are melted or removed.
  • Failure due to electronics.
  • Modification, or repair without XP Auto parts authorisation.
  • Part uninstalled during or before the claim completion or customer refused to complete troubleshooting.
  • Return merchandise is not the same way it was delivered or missing parts.
  • Improper use, abuse, negligent handling, damage resulting from incorrect installation, RACING, PULLING, or low oil/coolants levels in engines or transmissions.The warranty will also be cancelled if any existing issues with the car harms the merchandise.
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